Item # Article Title 

1. Our Local Snakes, by Max Schrabisch..

2. Paterson and the Ice Age, by Max Schrabisch

3. Paterson Before the White Man’s Advent: Anciently This Locality Was Thickly Wooded and a Tangled Wilderness Abounding With Hills and Dales, Streams and Swamps – Vestiges of the Red Man’s Former Presence Still Recognizable Along the Banks of the Passaic, by Max Schrabisch

4. The Great Falls of the Passaic, Grandeur of Cateract While in Original Condition. Geological and Archaeological Note. Changes Wrought Since 1792., by Max Schrabisch,

5. Pompton And Its Lore, Aspects of Region Before the White Man Came. The Aborigine as Lord of the Land. Earliest Invation by the Dutch. Some Records of Indian Deeds., by Max Schrabisch

6. Pompton During The Revolution, Passage of Washington and His Armies – The Mutiny of 1781 – Old Furnace and Cannon Ball Road – Odds and Ends of Historic Interest, by Max Schrabisch

7. Garret Mountain Past and Present, Its Birth During the Trias and its Vicissitudes During the Ice Age – The Indian and His Traces – After the White Man Had Come, by Max Schrabisch

8. The Garret Indian Cavern, Exact Location and Description of Rock – Remains Brought to Light – Inferences to be Drawn from These, by Max Schrabisch.

9. Over Hill and Dale, Beauty of the Wynokie Valley. The Rattlesnake Den, The Deserted Farm on the Hillside, The Boy Scout Camp, by Max Schrabisch.

10. The Garret Mountain Indian Rockhouse, Its Situation and General Character – Types of Remains Unearthed – Conclusions Based on Evidence, by Max Schrabisch

11. Old Totowa, Various Defnitions of the Word – The Savage Dwellers of this Region – Pioneer Families and Their Early Churches, The Revolutionary Artillery Camp, by Max Schrabisch

12. A Visit To Rotten Pond, Observations Made on Trip – Description of Pond – Trespassers Beware – Rotten Pond Versus “Le Grand Lake”, by Max Schrabisch

13. Winbeam Mountain, Its Situation – Derivation of Its Name – Botonical and Geological Observations – Legend of the Lost Silver Mine, by Max Schrabisch

14. In the Jersey Highlands, The Call of the Wilderness – Characteristics of the Highlands – The Tramp Up the Mountan Road – Downhill Again, by Max Schrabisch

15. The Kampfe Lake Estate, Its Situation in the New Jersey Highlands – Notes on the Archaean Rocks and Glacial Phenomena, by Max Schrabisch.

16. The Jersey Highlands Viewed Archaeologically, Notes on Kampfe Lake and Vicinity – The Red Man’s Hunting Preserve – Probable Route and Trails – Camp Sites and Rock Shelters – Indian Place Names, by Max Schrabisch

17. Early Days of Butler and Vicinity, The First White Settlers – The Hessian Influx – Founding of Carmantown – Revolutuionary Momentoes, by Max Schrabisch

18. Topography of the Kampfe Lake Region, The Mansion and Its Appurtenances – Civilization and Wilderness – Torne Mountain, by Max Schrabisch

19. The Fire Lookout on Bearfort Mountain, The Trip from Butller – The Tower on the Mountain Top – The Forest Fire Service – Magnificent Vistas – Geological Jottings, by Max Schrabisch

20. Viewpoints In And Around Paterson, Splendid Vistas From first Watchung Mountain – Totowa, Goffle and Snake Hills, Hook Mountain and From Lower Pacanac Mountain, by Max Schrabisch

21. Viewpoints in the City of Paterson, Charming Prospects from High and Beech Mountains, from the Upper Pacanac Ridge, Bald Mountain and Federal Hill, by Max Schrabisch

22. Aboriginal Haunt On Federal Hill, A Vanished Race – Sitiuation of Federal Hill – The Haunt Described – Exploration of Its Interior, Scarcity of Remains and How To Interpret Them, by Max Schrabisch (Also available in German as Article # 217.)

23. Interesting Journey Into New Scenes, Across North Jersey – Easton the Picturesque – Up the Romantic Lehigh County, by Max Schrabisch.

24. A Naturalist’s Researches in a Pocono Mountain Wilderness, Exploring Along the Upper Lehigh and Surrounding Mountains – The Lone Farmstead – A Hilltop Lookout – The Indian’s Workshop – The Ancient Dwellers of This Region – Rock-rimmed Lehigh River – A Prehistoric Rock Shelter, by Max Schrabisch

25. The Upper Preakness Clove and Its Points of Interest, Situation of Clove – Its Physiognomy – Momentoes of the Aborigine – Site of and Ancient Trail – Its Floral Wealth, by Max Schrabisch

26. By Lake And Mountain, Through Northern Passaic County – Greenwood Lake – The Indian Rockhouse – Across Bearfort Mountain – Homeward Bound, by Max Schrabisch

27. Glacial Lake Passaic, Possible Causes of Glaciation – Ice Age in New Jersey – Birth of Glacial Lake Passaic – Evidence as to its Former Existence -Disappearance of Lake – Pre Glacial Drainage, by Max Schrabisch

28. In Wintry Woods, Motering Up Pequannock Valley – Hasks Pond – Searching for a Rockhouse – Rocky Wilderness-At the Caretaker’s Lodge, by Max Schrabisch

29. The Cannon Ball Road, Uncertainty of Its Route – Probable Reasons for Building It – Vindication of Martin John Ryerson – The Ringwood Furnace and the War of 1812, by Max Schrabisch

30. Vander Cornhead’s Thrilling Adventure, Turnips Corners the Idyllic – Introduces the Wiseacre – A Hair Raising Tale – Its Dramatic Climax and Denouement, by Max Schrabisch

31. Claudius Smith, the Tory Chief, Loyalist Activities in General – Sketch of Smith’s Career – His Capture and Execution – The Scourage of Ramapo Mountain – Some of His Princupal Dens, by Max Schrabisch

32. Extinct Brooks of Paterson, Original Aspect of This Tract – Garret Rock Brook – Dark Brook and Tributary – Bunker Hill Brook – Tenth Avenue Brook – Morlot Bridge Brook – Vreeland Avenue Tannery Brook and Tributary, By Max Schrabisch

33. Wild Life I Have Met, Man the Great Destroyer – Master Bruin – Catamounts and Wild Cats – Master Raynerd – Virginia Deer – A Hapless Porcupine, by Max Schrabisch

34. Wild Life I Have Met, Lesser Wild Creatures – Chipmunks and Squirrels – The Weasel – The Muskrat – The Skunk-The Rabbit – The Raccoon – The Woodchuck – The ‘ Possum, by Max Schrabisch

35. Wild Life I Have Met, The White headed or Bald Eagle – The Turkey Buzzard – The Snowy Owl, by Max Schrabisch

36. Wild Life I Have Met, The Rattlesnake and Its Dens – Popular Fallicies Concerning It – The Cooperhead – An Experience in Its Haunts – The Blacksnake – Meeting a Monster, by Max Schrabisch

37. In The Land of The Jackson Whites, Primitive Dwellers of the Hills – Their Scattered Abodes – A Strange Mixture of Races – Signs of Moral and Mental Advancement, by Max Schrabisch

38. Study of Trees in City Streets, Importance of Trees to Man – Native and Introduced Trees – Evergreens and Deciduous Trees – The Ginko of Sacred Tree of the Orient, by Max Schrabisch

39. Eastside Park and Some of Its Trees, Range and Habitat of Trees – Their Physiognomy in Winter – The Evergreens – The Hardwood Trees, by Max Schrabisch

40. Our Study of Local Trees, An Unexpected Abundance of Species – Their Identification in Winter – Endemic Trees – Imported Trees – The Sin of reckless Destruction, by Max Schrabisch

41. Some Interesting Trees in Paterson, Our Friends the Trees – The Sweet Gum – A Large White Oak – Lombardy Poplars – White Maples – The Hemlocks, by Max Schrabisch

42. Motoring Through the Hudson Highlands, On the Way to Nyak – Stony Point and Its Storied Past – Bear Mountain and Vicinity – The Palisades Interstate Park, by Max Schrabisch

43. The Wilderness of Bearfort Mountain, Situation and Extent of Region – Its Geological Story – An Ideal Game Cover- Hardwoods and Evergreens, by Max Schrabisch

44. Romantic Old Greenwood Lake, Its Birth in Glacial Times – Aboriginal Camp Sites – The Need of Good Roads -A Mountain Climb, by Max Schrabisch

45. Some Indian Sites at Haledon and Vicinity, How to Account for Abundance of Remains – Topography of Region – Situation of Camping Grounds – Pottery Sites – Presumable Course of Ancient Trails, by Max Schrabisch

46. In Fresh Fields and Pastures New, Spring’s Awakening – A Lone Place – King Ice and His Work – The Spring Hole – A Hilltop Outlook, by Max Schrabisch

47. Spring Notes From Paugu-un-auke, Birds and Flowers – By the Hohokus – Rambling Over Campgaw Ridge – An Unlooked for Find, by Max Schrabisch.

48. Sauntering Through Fields and Woods, The Advancing Season – By the Mill Pond – Memento Mori – Indian Camp Sites, by Max Schrabisch

49. Observations A-Field, The Dutch Pioneers – Botanical Notes – The Backroad – A Fine Coign of Vantage, by Max Schrabisch

50. Lakes of Northern Jersey, Lakes in General – Their Origin – North Jersey Lakes – Artificial Lakes – Semi Artificial Lakes, by Max Schrabisch

51. Lakes of Northern New Jersey, Effects of the Ice Age – Franklin Lake – Crystal Lake – Bear Swamp – Sheppard Pone, by Max Schrabischp, (Continued, but not noted at the end of this article.)

52. Lakes of Northern New Jersey, Their Aggregate Area and Depth – Pompton Lake and Its Lore – Rotten Pond – Tice’s Pond – Greenwood Lake, by Max Schrabisch, (Continued, but not noted at the end of this article.)

53. Lakes of Northern New Jersey, Terrace Pond the Unique – Ascending the Mountain – An Untamed Wilderness – At the Goal – Trapped by Swamps, by Max Schrabisch, (Continued, but not noted at the end of this article.).

54. Lakes of Northern New Jersey, Lake Surprise the Midget, Hank’s Pond, Mud Pond the Boy Scouts’ Paradise by Max Schrabisch

55. Lakes of Northern New Jersey, The Conservation of Potable Waters – Intake Reservoir – Macopin Lake – Charlottesburg Reservoir – Cedar Pond – Clinton Reservoir – Buckabear Pond – Hank’s Paond – Old Ridge Reservoir – Dunker Pond – Canistear Reservoir, by Max Schrabisch,(Continued, but not noted at the end of this article.).

56. Lakes of Northern Jersey, Round Pond and Long Pond on Kittatinny Mountain – Ruggedness of this Region – Adundance of Indian Campsites – The Rockhouse on the Mountainside – An Aboriginal Mountain Trail, by Max Schrabisch,(Continued, but not noted at the end of this article.)

57. Lakes of Northern New Jersey, Picturesque Swatsmore Lake, Physical Features of this Region, Testimonials of the Redman, The Mecca of Vacationists, by Max Schrabisch

58. Lakes of Northern Jersey, Lake Hopatcong – Its Situation and Physical Features – In the Days of the Aborigine – An Attractive Summer Resort, by Max Schrabisch, (Continued, but not noted at the end of the article.)

59. Lakes of Northern Jersey, Lake Owassa the Idyllic – What’s in a Name? – Its Environs – Why the Red Man Came Here – Near to Nature’s Heart, by Max Schrabisch

60. Lakes of Northern Jersey, The Origin of the Lake – Wawayanda Lake – An Obstruction Basin – Sand Pond on Hamburg Mountain – A Rock Basin Due to Glacial Erosion – Beaver Lake on Sparta Mountain – An Example of the Combination Type, by Max Schrabisch ,(Continued but not noted at the end of this article.).

61. Lakes of Northern Jersey, The Stranded Glaciers – New Wawayanda Lake – Prehistoric Landmarks – The State Y.M.C.A. Boy’s Camp – The Muckshaw Swamps and Their Lore, by Max Schrabisch

62. Along The Lakawaxen, Off for the Mountains – The Jumping Off Place – A Hillside Bungalow – Deserted Quarries – A View from the Quarry, by Max Schrabisch

63. In the Hills of Pike County, Up and Down the Cliffs – Searching Out an Old Trail – A Visit to Dan Beards’s Camp – The Red Man’s Camping Ground, by Max Schrabisch

64. Nature Lore of Pike County, The Abundance of Wild Life – Testimonials of the Indian – Keeping Tabs on the Flowers – Under the Hemlocks, by Max Schrabisch

65. Tales From the Hills, Unwritten History – The Wilderness Trail – The Lack of Good Roads – Autumnal Vegetation, by Max Schrabisch

66. Seen By The Wayside In Pike County Wilds, Interviewing Gifford Pinchot – A Woodland Ramble to Five Point Corners – An Indian Rock Shelter – The Harbingers of Fall, by Max Schrabisch

67. From A Wayfarer’s Diary, Canal Boat days in Pike County – The Kimbles Quarries – Old Stone Cabins – Canine Memory, by Max Schrabisch

68. Early Days in Pike County, Pioneer Families – The Old House on the Hillside – A Prehistoric Rock Dwelling – A Chipping Place – The Lost Cabin, by Max Schrabisch

69. Abroad With Nature, Summer’s Declining Days – A Stroll Along the Hilltop – Building a Bridge – An Old Homestead, by Max Schrabisch

70. Pike County Curiosity, The Buckskin Cave Near Glen Eyre – A Typical Rock Shelter – Results of Exploration- A Well-Known Deer Run, by Max Schrabisch

71.The Passing of Our Local Indian Sites, City Growth and Development – The Red Man’s Fishing Places – Between Moffat and Wagaraw Bridges – The Glacial ridge North of Fifth Avenue Bridge, by Max Schrabisch, (Continued, but not noted at the and of this article.)

72. The Passing Of Our Local Indian Sites, The Lone Camp on Goffle Hill – Goff;e Brook Sites – The Alyea’s Pond Workshop – The Ancient Village at Fairlawn, by Max Schrabisch,(Continued, but not noted at the end of this article.)

73. The Passing of Our Local Indian Sites, Along Bellair Road – Rosemont and Vicinity – Eastside Park – At the Mouth of Tannery Brook – Old Menechenicke (Concluded), by Max Scrabisch

74. Paterson’s Oldest House, A Phoenix Out of the Ashes – Indian Occupation of the Land – The First Title Deeds – Genealogy of the Vreeland Family – The Oldest Local Turnpike, by Max Schrabisch

75. When Haledon Was Young, First Purchases of Land – Pioneer Settlers – Old Roads – Notable Houses – Early Industries, by Max Schrabisch

76. Through Rocky Wilds In Search Of Terrace Pond, Man’s World Versus Nature’s – Taking Note of Plant Life – The Vegetation of the Marshes – Struggling Through a Tangled Wilderness, by Max Schrabisch and Russell B. Evans

77. Threading Our Way to Terrace Pond (Concluded), Perplexities of Orientation – Geological Structure of Region – The Effects of Glaciation – How the Pond is Fed – The Tarn and Its Environs, by Max Schrabisch and Russell B. Evans

78. Wild Cat Mountain, Its Situation – General Topographic Features – Exploring With a Vengeance – The Red Man’s Haunt – The Sombre Realm of Leafless Trees, by Max Schrabisch

79. Allamuchy Mountain, General Description – The Red Man’s Traces – A Snake-Infested Region – A No-Trail Climb-Botanical Treasures, by Max Schrabisch

80. The Indian Rock Shelters West Of Pompton Plains, Eagleback Mountain and Vicinity – Glacial Reminders – Aboriginal Days – The Three Rockhouses on the Hillside – Interpreting the Evidence, by Max Schrabisch

81. A Visit to the Museum of the American Indian, A Unique Institution – Situation and Style of Building – Arrangement of Collections – South American Exhibits – An Inspiration to Modern Designers, by Max Schrabisch

82. Towaco Mountain and Vicinity, Description of Mountain – Its Geological Past – Aboriginal Inhabitants – Ancient Rockhouses – Prehistoric Highways – Early White Settlers, by Max Schrabisch

83. Indian Rock Shelters in Southwestern Ramapo Mountains, Topography of Region – The Oakland Rock Shelter -The Fox Creek Shelter – The Bear Swamp Shelter – The Shelter West of Halifax, by Max

84. Smith’s Clove And Its Storied Past,General Survey of Region – Evidences of the Vanished Race – The Era of the Pioneer – Revolutionary Days – The Old Intrenchments, by Max Schrabisch

85. Torne Mountain and Torne Brook Valley, Situation of the Mountain – General Features – Aboriginal Memorials -Torne Brook Valley – Local Traditions – Views From the Mountain Top, by Max Schrabisch

86. The Rise Of Paterson And Its Early Industries, Reclaiming the Land – Society Useful Manufactures Max Schrabisch

87. Horsestable Rock The Ancient Haunt Of Indian And Outlaw, Environmental Features – An Interesting Landmark – How I Found It – Its Description – The Work of Exploration – Interpreting the Evidence – Significance of Coins, by Max Schrabisch

88.The Passaic Falls in Days Agone, Water Power and the Birth of Paterson – The Valley of the Rocks – Grotto of Records – The Reservoir – The Observatory – The Chimney – Bass Rock – Passaic Island, by Max Schrabisch

89.Indian Title Deeds And Proprietary Licenses, The English Conquerors – Evasions of the Law – A Notable Case – Aquegnonke Tract Deal – Manorial Grants, by Max Schrabisch

90. Bear Rock, a Prehistoric Landmark, A Successful Search – Situation of the Rock – Its Character and Environs – The Easterly Compartment – The Westerly One – General Observations, by Max Schrabisch

91. Old Indian Place Names Near Paterson, Insignificance of Aboriginal Records – Hills and Their Ancient Names – Rivers and Brooks – Lakes and Swamps – Neighborhood Names – Miscellaneous, by Max Schrabisch

92. The Story Of An Old House, Situation of Landmark and Its Surroundings – The Garritsen-Van Wagoner Family – Subduing the Wilderness – Signs of Aboriginal Occupation – The Stirring Days of 1770, ( To Be Continued) by Max Schrabisch

93. The Story Of An Old House,( Concluded), The Passaic-Saddle River Tract of Land – Genealogy of the Garretson Family – Priceless Heirlooms -When Slaves Were Kept, by Max Schrabisch

94. Aboriginal Trails of Northern Jersey, General Factors – Inferential Evidences – The Minisink Path – Hoboken- Little Ferry-Wallington Route – Passac River Trail – Sicomac Trail – Oldham Brook Path(Trail), by Max Schrabisch

95. Aboriginal Trails of Northern Jersey,(Concluded), Garret Mountain Trails – At the Great Notch – The River Path – An Ancient Wading Place – The Clove Track – The Pompton Valley Thoroughfare, by Max Schrabisch

96. Indian Burials Places Along Lower Passaic Valley, Graves in General – The Prehistoric Cemetery at Passaic Skeletal Remains East of the River – Within Paterson City – Further Upstream, (To Be Continued), by Max Schrabisch

97. Indian Burial Places of Northern Jersey, (To Be Continued), Bergen County Sites – At Jacksonville – A Cave Burial – In the Vicinity of Newton – South of Catfish Pond – The Minisink Cemetary – Delaware Water Gap – (To Be Continued), by Max Schrabisch

98. Indian Burial Places of Northern Jersey, General Distribution of Sites – Large Cemeteries – Smaller Burials – Single Graves – Single Skulls – Ossuaries, by Max Schrabisch

99. By Auto to Sussex County, Our Route of Travel – Going Astray – Gum Hollow – Signs of Spring – The Return Trip, by Max Schrabisch

100. Along Familiar Trails, An Historic Spot – Sauntering Hillward – Haunts of the Red Man – The Urge of Spring -Forbidden Ground – A Charming View, by Max Schrabisch

101. A Day In The Mountains, On the Hillside Path – The Glamor of Romance – The Outlook from Claud’s Den – Brawling Streams and Woodland Bogs, by Max Schrabisch

102. A Charming Highland Valley, Longwood Valley in Morris County – Geological Features – Vestiges of the Red Man- Deserted Farmsteads – The Proccesion of the Flowers, by Max Schrabisch

103. In Nature’s Wild Garden, The North Haledon Valley – Among the Cedar Trees – An Abandoned Farm – Buttermilk Falls – Woodland Flowers – The Red Man, His Mark, by Max Schrabisch

104. Tuxedo Park, The Plutocrats’ Retreat – Topographic Features – Historical Notes – Aboriginal Momentoes – Lovely Wild Flowers, by Max Schrabisch

105. By Auto To Owen’s Cave, Its Situation and Environs – Description of Cavern – The Work of Exploration – A Remarkable Prehistioric Haunt – Minor Discoveries, by Max Schrabisch

106. In The New York Highlands, Their Situation and Extent – A Famous Landmark – Treasures Galore – The White Squatter – General Conclusions, by Max Schrabisch

107. The North Jersey Country Club, An Ideally Situated Tract – The Green Brook Farm – Alterations Effected – The Glacial Isle, by Max Schrabisch

108. Sojourning In Pike County, Away From the Beaten Track – A Semi-Wilderness – Points of Interest – The Red Man’s Hunting Ground, by Max Schrabisch

109. In The Hills of Sullivan County, Washington Lake – Panther Den – Aboriginal Rock Abodes – The Minisink Battle Ground – A Woodland Saunter, by Max Schrabisch

110. Gordon Pupils Show Talent, Give Pleasing Recital to Crowded Auditorium in Y.M.C.A., No byline. ( Reportedly, Max Schrabisch taught for the Macy Gordon School of Music in Paterson, N.J. This has yet to be verified.)

111. The Old Andover Mine Tract:(D.A.R. Notes Used), Max Schrabisch

112. A Jaunt Through the Mountains: Suffern the Picturesque and Historical – Ruggedness and Floral Wealth of the Ramapos – An Ancient Mountain Swamp, by Max Schrabisch

113. Anthropologists Honor Mr. Schrabisch: Requested to Prepare Paper for Annual Meeting of National Society, no byline

114. New Jersey Rich In Revolutionary Lore: Contains Sites Which Will Repay Visit and Inspection – Washington’s Army Camps Numerous and Several Important Actions of the War Were Enacted in Northern Part of State – Interesting Review of Stirring Events Given Before Daughters of the Revoultion by Max Schrabisch, no byline

115. Our Early Wild Flowers, by Max Schrabisch

116. The Succession Of The Flowers, by Max Schrabisch

117. High Mountain, by Max Schrabisch

118. The Minisink Country and Its Lore: General Aspects Of The Region – The Red Man’s Hunting Ground – The Land Of Tom Quick – The Battle Of Minisink Ford, by Max Schrabisch

119. Rockshelter On Moffatt Estate: Ancient Indian Rockhouse Recently Discovered at Sloatsburg, N.Y., by Max Schrabisch

120. A Day At Riverby: My Visit at the Home of John Burroughs, by Max Schrabisch

121. The American Indian: Paper Read by William H. Rauchfuss Before Godwin Chapter, S.A.R., Willam H. Rauchfuss, D.C. (With assistance of Max Schrabisch.) Paterson, N.J. Oct, 17, 1922.

122. Passaic Falls and Its Lore, by Max Schrabisch, State Archaeologist,The High School Spectator, Vol XII, Paterson, N.J

123. OLD CHEHOCTON, General Remarks, A Chehocton Rock Haunt, Ancient Fishing Camps, Some Sheltering Ledges, The Portage Path, The Prehistoric Dwellers of This Region, by Max Schrabisch

124. Weasel Drift Road: An Early Thoroughfare, The Weasel Drift, The Revolutionary Outpost, Demand For A Change Of Name, Discarding The Old Names, by Max Schrabisch.

125. Mountain Haunts of the Coastal Algonquian, by Max Schrabisch

126. Early History of Bloomingdale and Vicinity: The First white Settlers, by Max Schrabisch

127. The Founding of Carmantown, by Max Schrabisch,

128. Woman and the Suffrage, by Max Schrabisch

129. Seven Million Fiddles, by Max Schrabisch

130. The Ragtime Fiend, by Max Schrabisch

131. Professor Schrabisch, no by line ( article relates Max’s encounter with a copperhead and a rattlesnake)

132. A Great Sussex Curiosity, by Max Schrabisch

133.The Ancient Haunt of the Redman, Moody’s Rock and Other Indian Sites Along the Muckshaw Ponds, by Max Schrabisch

134. The Historic Wallkill, by Max Schrabisch

135.(A) The Paterson Region Prior To The Coming Of The White Man: The Forest Primeval – A Rolling Tract Of CountryVanished Watercourses – The Great Swamp – Wild Life – Aboriginal Habitations – The Oldest House by Max Schrabisch

136.(B) A Paterson Museum Curiousity: Fragment of a Bone of Tertiary Age Unearthed in Bone Cave Near Cumberland Maryland – An Ossuary of Many Species of Animals, Most of Them Now Extinct, no by line

137.(C) Super-Animals: , by Max Schrabisch

138.(D) Max Schrabisch – The Human Library – A Modern Ulysses, no byline

139.(E) Passaic Falls And Its Past: The Witchery Of The Place, Geological Factors – The Saga Of The Redman – Deer’s Leap Early White Men’s Visits – The Perplexing Discovery, by Max Schrabisch

140.(F) A Lake Hopatcong Indian Rock Shelter: An Interesting Landmark Of The Former Presence Hereabouts Of The Vanished Race – Interpretation of the Cultural Remains Unearthed Under Its Roof., no byline

141.(G) The Old Andover Mine Tract: (D.A.R. Notes Used), by Max Schrabisch

142.(H) Indian Censures Max Schrabisch, no byline

143.(I) Max Schrabisch, Geologist, Badly Injured By Automoblie, Well Known Research Worker Is Painfully Hurt When Struck by Machine While Crossing the Viaduct at Pearl and Summer Streets, no byline

144.(J) Reply to Walter J. Reeve: Editor Herald News: ” On reading Mr Reeve’s reply to our letter favoring birth control published in The Herald News under date of November 23, we are again reminded of the fact that none is so blind as he who cannot or will not see.” Article continues for three paragraphs with the following names and date appearing at the end. “Max Schrabisch, Fred Lanting, Paterson, December 6, no byline

145.(K) N.J. Estate Mounds Show Traces Of Revolutionay War Camp. Site of Gen. Knox’s Activities Found, by Max Schrabisch

146.(L) Finding West Brookfield Indian Rock House,Remains of the Primitive Culture of the Red Man May Be Seen in Secluded Regions of County,by Max Schrabisch

147.(M) Indian Shelter Exhibit Completed At Paterson Museum, Work of Federici, Schrabisch and Williams no byline.

148.(N) Romantic Minisink Ford, Description of the Region, The Redman And His Vestiges, The Battle On The Mountain Top, by Max Schrabisch

149.(O) “Untitled Article” sub-titles; Rock Shelters and Caves, Twenty-five Rock Dwellings, Horsestable Rock, a Rich Find of Relics, One of the Smallest Shelters, Preakness Rendezvous Ideal, A Shelter in Paterson, no byline

150.(P) “Untitled Article”, subheadings; A Pompton Curiosity, Aboriginal Repasts, The Paterson Rockhouse, A Place of Feasting, The Wolf Clan of the Lenni Lenape, Odd Facts About Rock Shelters: two photo inserts, “Mr. Schrabisch at the Shelter in Upper Preakness Clove, Near Paterson”, ” Lake Macopin Shelter”, no byline,

151. Max Schrabisch Makes Find Of Indian Relics, no byline

152. Universites of Germany, How They Differ From Those of America, Explained by Professor Kuehnemann, no byline

153. Indian Vestiges in Garret Mountain: A Series of Three Articles, Passaic County Park Commission, Paterson, New Jersey, 1939, by Max Schrabisch

154. Along UnfamiliarTrails: The Lure of the Unknown, The Borough of Honesdale, Irvine Cliff, The Environing Mountains, Lakes and Streams, by Max Schrabisch

155. Archaeology of Southeastern New York: Being A Report On Researches Made In Mountainous Districts, Many Fascinating Localities Dealt With, by Max Schrabisch

156. Sunrise Mountain: Nature’s Invitation, The Climb, Nature Versus Human Nature, Traces of the Ice Age, A Prehistoric Relic, Rattlesnakes, An Indian Cavern, by Max Schrabisch

157. Patersonian Honored By American Museum, Max Schrabisch Named as Investigator of Indian Rock Shelters – Has Collected 3,000 Relics – Accidental Discovery Recently of Historical Place at Upper Preakness – Will Explore Sussex, no byline.

158. Lake Mohonk: En Route, Lake Mohonk, Skytop, Rondout Valley, The Mountain Road, by Max Schrabisch

159. The Church of the Covenant Holds Yearly Outing: On Way To Mountains, The Fire Tower, Evidences of Ice Age, Gargantuan Repast, Geologist Describes Jaunt To Bearfort Mountain, May Day, by Max Schrabisch.

160. Paterson’s Oldest House, Stone Slabs Give Dates of Historic Residence, by Max Schrabisch.

161. Along the Passaic, Man Against Nature, A Small-Scale Wilderness, Camp Sites of the Redman, by Max Schrabisch.

162. The Aboriginal Jasper Quarries at Vera Cruz, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania: Lay of the Land, Distribution of Silicates, Description of Quarries, Absence of Finished Tools, The Time Element, by Max Schrabisch.

163. A Saddle River Rockshelter, by Max Schrabisch.

164. Kampfe Lake, Its Situation ,Geological Notes, Indian Mementoes, Early History, A Home Colony, The Glory Of The Woods, by Max Schrabisch.

165. Three monographs and discourses authored by Max Schrabish as they appeared in Homes and Haunts of the Indians, by Albert H. Heusser.

166. Rambling Club At Garret Rock, Club Members View City and Enjoy Tramp to the Great Notch, no byline. ( Max Schrabisch was a member of the R.C.)

167. Ramblers at Two Bridges, Admire Beauty of the Spring and Marvel at Different Routes of Travel, no byline. ( Max Schrabisch was a member of the R.C. )

168. RAMBLERS VISIT NEW YORK CITY, Find Plenty to Admire in Central Park With its Wealth of Attractions, no byline. (Max Schrabisch was a member of the R.C.)

169. RAMBLERS ARRANGE SCHEDULE FOR YEAR, by Joseph Rydings. (Max Schrabisch was a member of the R.C.)

170. RAMBLERS TO VISIT HOOK MOUNTAIN, no byline. (Max Schrabisch was a member of the R.C.)

171. THE ANCIENT HAUNT OF THE RED MAN, Moody’s Rock and other Indian Sites Along the Muckshaw Ponds, by Max Schrabisch. (concluded from last week) Refer to article 133.

172. An excerpt from a larger work about the Catskill area of New York State. This portion concerns Max Schrabisch’s being accused of spying for the German government during W W I.

173. Hunter of Indian Arrows Not A Spy. Newspaper account of Max’s encounter with the authorities concerning his being accused of spying for Germany’s W W I government.

174. Old Artillery Camp Near Pluckamin: Its Restoration Contemplated After a Careful Study of the Various Sites Composing It, Recent Investigation. by Max Schrabisch.

175. Revolutionary Camp Being Restored: Twelve Sites Definitely Put In Shape Following Removal of Debris, Locating Camp Ovens, by Max Schrabisch.

176. New Data Regarding the Knox Bivouac, Two Shack Sites Restored and Another Camp Oven Located, Some of the Recent Finds, by Max Schrabisch.

177. The Archaeology of Southeastern New York, by Max Schrabisch.
(This is an original typed draft housed at the New York State Museum. Please contact Penelope B. Drooker at: 518-485-2019 concerning the procedure in acquiring any photocopied pages).

178. Artillery Park and Its Problems; Indistinctness of Traces Calls for Fresh Excavations That Result in Three New Sites, Many Prospective Ones, by Max Schrabisch.

179. Recent Discoveries on Plukamin Camp: Outlines of Four Shack Sites Determined and Five Small Hearths Located, Many Rare Finds Made, by Max Schrabisch.

180. Rehabilitating Colonial Landmark: Two Shell-Heaps Examined and Foundations of Four Shanties Reconstructed, Several Outlying Sites, by Max Schrabisch.

181. Indian Remains in North Jersey. No byline [Max Schrabisch’s work in the area of Indian Rock shelters cited]

182. Pompton And Its Historic Lore – I, Traces of the Aboriginal Inhabitants, The Lenni Lenapi and Their Haunts, Migration Began in 1758, by Max Schrabisch

183. Pompton And Its Historic Lore – II, Revolutionary Times, Where Cannon Balls Were Made For the Continentals, The Mutiny of 1781, by Max Schrabisch

184. Scholar Unearthed Native Cultures, by Mauro Magarelli, Herald News of West Paterson, Section B, Monday, November 4, 2002. no fee

185. Book By Joseph Rydings: New Product of Call Press Late Leader of Paterson Rambling Club writes of Paterson and Surroundings in Charming Manner, no by line. (Max Schrabisch was a member of the Rambling Club. This article presents a brief overview of the book’s topics.The work comprises fifty chapters. “a veritable mine of botanical, ornithological and historic knowledge pertaining to the northern section of the state of New Jersey.” )

186. Indian Exhibit At Castle Draws Many, Historical Society Sponsors Fine Display at Headquarters, no byline The article mentions Max Schrabisch as one of the contributors to the Native American exhibit at the Lambert Castle located in Paterson, New Jersey.

187. Shell Collection At Museum Contains Many Rare Specimens. More of These Displayed in Fact Than of Common Varieties, Fine Specimens From Tropics Donated by Mr. Halliman, Roger Williams Gives Contents of Ten Indian Rock Shelters. In this article, Max Schrabisch is recognized for his archaeological work in the state of New Jersey.

188. Indian Trails Located in State Were Numerous, But Passage Of Time Has Wiped Out Many, by John Dater. In this article, Max Schrabisch’s work as “New Jersey State Archaeologist” is referred to as well as his title of “Dr. Schrabisch.”

189. Education: Germany Imperial Era – Present, by Katherine D. Kennedy

190. Indian Rock-Shelters in Northern New Jersey and Southern New York, Passaic County, New Jersey, by Max Schrabisch.

191. Indian Rock-Shelters in Northern New Jersey and Southern New York, Morris County, New Jersey, by Max Schrabisch.

192. Indian Rock-Shelters in Northern New Jersey and Southern New York, Rockland County, New York, by Max Schrabisch.

193. Indian Rock-Shelters in Northern New Jersey and Southern New York, Orange County, New York, by Max Schrabisch.

194. Country Walks in Many Fields, Being Certain Choice Annals of the Paterson Rambling Club, By JOSEPH RYDINGS,1934, Paterson, New Jersey. DEDICATION, This Book Comprising the Writings of  JOSEPH RYDINGS Compiled by CARL F. SCHONDORF is Respectfully Dedicated to PHILMER EVES. In this introductory section, Max  Schrabisch is introduced as a new member of the Paterson Rambling Club.

195. Country Walks in Many Fields, Being Certain Choice Annals of the Paterson Rambling Club, By JOSEPH RYDINGS,1934, Paterson, New Jersey. DEDICATION, This Book Comprising the Writings of JOSEPH RYDINGS Compiled by CARL F. SCHONDORF is Respectfully Dedicated to PHILMER EVES. This section is entitled; ” Prehistoric Paterson, Passaic Valley, and the Remains of a Vanished Race”. Max Schrabisch elaborates on these topics in articles #135 and #153.

196. Garret Mountain Rock Shelter by Bernard Wuench, Jr., given before the Minsi Archaeological Society. A rockshelter excavated by Max Schrabisch is revisited by the author.

197. Cultural Resource Survey Garret Mountain Park Passaic County, NJ Max Schrabisch cited.

198. A review of Max Schrabisch’s article, Mountain Haunts of the Coastal Algonquain, by Dr. Heather Young Leslie, University of Alberta.

199. Indian Trails Located in State Were Numerous, But Passage of Time Has Wiped Many Out, by John Dater. Max Schrabisch is mentioned in this article.

200. German version of Article #22. Aboriginal Haunt of Federal Hill, written by Max Schrabisch.

201. The North Jersey Country Club: The Geology, Archaeology, History and Topography by Max Schrabisch. Due to the length of this entry, arrangements have to be made concerning the number of sections to be copied.

202. Prehistoric Paterson: Some Picturesque Scenes of Old Time Indian Haunts, by Carl Schondorf. Max Schrabisch is cited as “my whilom friend.”

203. Bulletin 9, A Preliminary Report of the Archaeological Survey of the State of New Jersey, compiled by Alanson Skinner and Max Schrabisch, 1913. Due to the length of this entry [85 pages], arrangements will be made to print it in part or in its entirety.

204. Aboriginal Vestiges of Garret Mountain, by Max Schrabisch.

205. Many Evidences of Old Indian Days in and Around Paterson, by Max Schrabisch.

206. Indian Rock Den Near Rosendale, by Max Schrabisch.

207. Schrabisch Sells Indian Relics: New Jersey State Museum Will Secure Local Collection.

208. INDIAN ROCK HOUSES FOUND HEREABOUTS, Caves Containing Relics of the Red Man Explored in New York and New Jersey. USED FOR HUNTING SHELTERS, Arrow Heads and Broken Pottery Still Found About Fire Places with Bones of Animals Killed in Chase. No byline.
The article opens with, “Among the relics of the days when Indians roamed the territory embraced in the present States of New York and New Jersey few are more interesting or lasting according to Max Schrabisch, who is doing some special work for the American Museum of Natural History, than the rock houses in which the Indian often sought refuge when tiring of his wigwams and huts.”

209. Many Lenni Lenape Campsites And Shelters Located in Area, by John Y. Dater. In this article, Max Schrabisch is cited for his field work recorded in Bulletin 9, A Preliminary Report of the Archaeological Survey of the State of New Jersey.

210. Ramapo People Seek Recognitions as Indians. This article refers to Max Schrabisch as an archaeologist who proved that a camp ground utilized by the Tuscaroras was located in a meadow area in Mahwah, N. J.

211. Arrest Alleged Hun Spy, Man Had Been Making Maps in Vicinity of Ellenville and Napanoch, NATIVE OF GERMANY; HOME IN PATERSON Held in Kingston Jail Where He Will Be Turned Over To Federal Agents

212. Letter to Mr. George Winchester, Paterson Free Library, concerning articles for sale.

213. Excerpts from The Catskills From Wilderness to Woodstock, Max Schrabish’s sojourn in the Catskill area.

214. A Lake Hopatcong Indian Rock Shelter, by Max Schrabisch.

215. Evolution of the Newspaper, by Max Schrabisch.

216. A Saddle River Rockshelter, by Max Schrabisch.

217. Note: Article # 22, Aboriginal Haunt On Federal Hill, is also available in German.

218. Local Men in Commandery, In this short article, Max is mentioned as being given an autographed letter by Colonel Theodore Roosevelt (Police Commissioner New York City, 1895-1897) inviting General Carl Schurz to meet him in New York City in order to discuss matters of civil service. The letter was reportedly prized by Max while he was, according to this article, Carl Schurz’s private secretary, at which time he was writing Schurz’s memoirs. no byline.

219. Too Much Centralization. This article written to the Editor of the Paterson Morning Call, expresses Max’s opinion of the Eighteenth Amendment.

220. Max Defends Dogs. Max comes to the rescue of “man’s best friend” in a letter to the editor of the Paterson Morning Call.

221. Somerset County Historical Quarterly, General Knox’s Artillery Park, Pluckemin, by Max Schrabisch

222. IS A HIGH SCHOOL REALLY NECESSARY? More Replies to Finance Commissioner Berdan’s Attack on the Time-Honored Institution-Some Correspondents Side With the Commissioner’s Views, Others Are Against Them. From Max Schrabisch